Who can join the junior tour?
Do I have to be a very good golfer to play?
Will I have to play with those who are much more experienced?

Membership and Member Registration

What is the cost of playing on the Tour?
What payment methods area accepted?
My card is being declined by gateway.
How long does it take to receive my membership packet?
What are the benefits of membership?
The member guide seems lengthy. Why is it so important to read it?

Tournaments and Tournament Registration

When should I sign up for tournaments?
I signed up for the wrong event? What should I do?
Do I have to play in a certain number of tournaments? Am I limited to those around where I live?
Why do some tournaments only have younger or older divisions?
Why do some tournaments have a no spectator policy?
Is there a wait list if an event is full?
There is no register checkbox next to the tournament.
What do I do if someone has not been honest on their scorecard or has broken the rules of golf?
What if I make a mistake on my scorecard?
If I observe a player or spectator who disregards the code of conduct, what should I do?

Cancelations, Withdrawls, and No Shows

When is the cancelation deadline?
How do I cancel out of a tournament before the deadline?
Will I receive a refund?
I missed the cancelation deadline, how should I withdrawal?
What happens if I don't withdrawl (no show policy)?
What if I have a good reason for no showing?

USGA Handicaps (GHIN)

What is a Handicap Index?
Do I have to buy a handicap to play on the junior tour?
Why do I need to develop a Handicap Index?
How do I develop a Handicap Index?
How do I get my GHIN number?
How do I post my scores.
What is an ESC Score?
How do I get rid of duplicate scores?
I posted several nine-hole scores, but not all of them are posted?
How often is my handicap calculated?

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