The Sun Country Junior Golf Foundation in collaboration with the Sun Country Section PGA, Sun Country Amateur Golf Association, New Mexico and El Paso school districts, are continually working to introduce school age children across the region to the game of golf and the valuable life skills it teaches.
The Golf in Schools program provides the opportunity for PGA professionals to interact with the next generation of players in the game. If you are able to reach them at a younger age, they are more likely than not to pick up the sport. In conjunction with the physical education teachers at the schools, PGA professionals work towards providing a curriculum that will work best for their environment. Most programs are 1-2 weeks in duration and are run within the schools, using gymnasiums. During the program the instructors will go over safety, how to swing, rules and finally we encourage the programs to take a trip to a golf facility so that the kids can have the full golf experience.
Not only is this program about learning the game of golf, it is also about what the game of golf teaches us. The program participants will learn about sportsmanship, confidence, honesty, integrity and responsibility which will help prepare them for life ahead.
If you are interested in bringing the Golf in Schools program to your district please contact our office for more information. The Sun Country Junior Golf Foundation provides a matching grant for schools wishing to implement or expand a Golf in Schools program as part of their physical education curriculum at the elementary or middle school level using The First Tee National School Program and SNAG (Starting New at Golf) equipment.

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