Back to the Basics: Address Position, Balance, Effortless Power

By Sabino Grijalva, PGA | New Mexico Tech Golf Course

Sabino Grijalva, PGA

When you visualize a good golf swing you might think of your favorite PGA/LPGA Tour player.  I have always admired how comfortable and relaxed all good players appear in their address position.  They appear to be relaxed and tension free in their address position.  I believe if you are relaxed and get your body into a comfortable address position, this will allow your body to make the movements necessary to execute a powerful, effortless and balanced golf swing.

Address Position (Full Swing)

In the address position you want to have your feet about shoulder width distance apart with your toes on a line parallel to your target line.  Knees should be slightly bent and hips bent towards the ball allowing your arms to hang loosely from your shoulder sockets with your chin out of your chest.   A light grip pressure will allow you to swing freely using your big muscles while maintaining control of the club in your hands.  The clubface is aligned to your intended target.  In this example, it will be a 7-iron and the ball position will be played in the middle of your stance.                

Balance (Full Swing)

Your weight will be distributed equally on each foot and you should feel like you are standing with slightly more pressure on the balls of your feet.  As you begin the backswing, feel like you are pushing into the ground with your feet.  In the downswing, you want to maintain your balance as you swing to your finish position.  Try to hold your finish until the ball has landed on the ground.  This provides immediate feedback that you have made a balanced swing.        

Effortless Power (Full Swing)

The effortless power in a golf swing occurs when we allow our bigger muscle groups to swing the club rather than the small muscle groups.  The bigger muscle groups are shoulders, core and legs.  The smaller muscle groups are hands and arms.  Executing a proper shoulder and hip turn in the swing will generate effortless power without feeling like you are swinging the club with your arms. 

Being consistent with a proper address position for all of your clubs will help you become a better player.  Feeling balanced throughout your swing will help you find the center of the clubface for each shot more often.  Being relaxed and using the bigger muscle groups to execute the swing will lead to the effortless power.  When you practice the proper fundamentals you begin to get comfortable and the swing becomes a powerful, effortless, balanced swing. 

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