PGA Central Region Member & Associate Education

Each session 1 hour long for 1 PDR credit. Click the image to see recordings.


SCPGA Webinars

The 2018-2022 MSR Cycle has ended.  Anyone viewing these webinars after June 15, 2022 will earn PDR Credit for the 2022-2025 Cycle.

DateTime (MDT)TitleHostRecordingAssessment
05/09/2022NoonKnow Your CustomerBecca Bailey, PGA, LPGAWatchShort quiz
05/09/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #1, Golf MachineTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/10/202211 a.m.Expressing Your ValueBecca Bailey, PGA, LPGAWatchShort quiz
05/10/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #2, Tathata GolfTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/11/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #3, Mach 3 Speed TrainingTom Velarde, PGANot availableNot available
05/12/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #4, Square-to-squareTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/13/20227:30 a.m.Benefits of PGA Jr. League at your FacilityTom Yost, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/17/20221 p.m.Mentoring Young ProfessionalsJosh Salmon, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/18/2022NoonClubBuy Savings ProgramNBC Sports NEXTWatchShort quiz
05/19/202212:30 p.m.Rules of Golf #1 with DanielDaniel Palmer, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/23/20224 p.m.Career PlanningJason Boaz, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/24/202212:30 p.m.Unlocking the Secrets of Credit Card ProcessingGolf Pro PaymentsWatchShort quiz
05/25/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #5, Single PlaneTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/26/202210:00 a.m.
(changed from
12:30 p.m.)
Rules of Golf #2 with DanielDaniel Palmer, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/27/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #6, Increasing Swing SpeedTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
(changed from 6/2)
1:30 p.m.Data Driven Golf Course DesignSandy Lemon, PGAWatchShort quiz
06/13/20224 p.m.Resume PreparationJason Boaz, PGAWatchShort quiz

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