PGA Central Region Player Engagement Consultant Becca Bailey, LPGA will be speaking with Section Professionals on how to create player coaching programs that utilize the principles of the American Development Model but go beyond just learning them. Becoming a Modern Coach can help you impact your students more effectively, work less, make more money, and avoid burnout! Click the image to register.

PGA Central Region Member & Associate Education

Each session 1 hour long for 1 PDR credit. Click the image to register.


SCPGA Webinars

The 2018-2022 MSR Cycle has ended.  Anyone viewing these webinars after June 15, 2022 will earn PDR Credit for the 2022-2025 Cycle.

DateTime (MDT)TitleHostRecordingAssessment
05/09/2022NoonKnow Your CustomerBecca Bailey, PGA, LPGAWatchShort quiz
05/09/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #1, Golf MachineTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/10/202211 a.m.Expressing Your ValueBecca Bailey, PGA, LPGAWatchShort quiz
05/10/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #2, Tathata GolfTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/11/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #3, Mach 3 Speed TrainingTom Velarde, PGANot availableNot available
05/12/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #4, Square-to-squareTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/13/20227:30 a.m.Benefits of PGA Jr. League at your FacilityTom Yost, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/17/20221 p.m.Mentoring Young ProfessionalsJosh Salmon, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/18/2022NoonClubBuy Savings ProgramNBC Sports NEXTWatchShort quiz
05/19/202212:30 p.m.Rules of Golf #1 with DanielDaniel Palmer, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/23/20224 p.m.Career PlanningJason Boaz, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/24/202212:30 p.m.Unlocking the Secrets of Credit Card ProcessingGolf Pro PaymentsWatchShort quiz
05/25/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #5, Single PlaneTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/26/202210:00 a.m.
(changed from
12:30 p.m.)
Rules of Golf #2 with DanielDaniel Palmer, PGAWatchShort quiz
05/27/20227 p.m.Teaching with Tom #6, Increasing Swing SpeedTom Velarde, PGAWatchShort quiz
(changed from 6/2)
1:30 p.m.Data Driven Golf Course DesignSandy Lemon, PGAWatchShort quiz
06/13/20224 p.m.Resume PreparationJason Boaz, PGAWatchShort quiz

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